A Personal Note From Gregg and Debbie Gray

Gregg and Debbie Gray

Welcome to the Kingdom Business Connection™ website! Our goal is to provide a place where business owners can find teaching and inspiration, in conducting their business as an extension of their personal walk with the Lord. Now, more than ever before, businesses with a vision to “give back” to their communities, to provide jobs with integrity towards their employees, and to practice spiritual principles in finance are necessary vehicles of change for this earth we live in. You can, and do, make a difference in the economics of this world! Read about the Grays.

What Makes a Kingdom Business?

We are often asked to define what makes a Kingdom business, and the answer is really quite simple. Most are familiar with the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:10) where we are instructed to pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” His kingdom is to fill the entire earth—including the economic realm. So, a Kingdom business is simply a business that is kingdom-oriented, as a reflection of the owner. The owner of a Kingdom business desires that their business function for a greater purpose. People give their time and labor to volunteer for many good causes—and with a business, it can present financial offerings as a way to give back. A Kingdom business is goal-oriented to provide finances for the Kingdom, purely by the owner’s drive and dedication to do so. We have always said “If you want to have a Kingdom business, you have to be walking with the King.” We feel that a Kingdom business will not necessarily have an outward appearance that is different from any other business. However, if it is truly under His Lordship, it will be run by God’s principles and the owner(s) should be connected in some way to a personal church shepherding of their own lives.

We should give honor to those businesses that have chosen to unite their hearts to God’s purpose, as this is a ministry of giving that is just as important as any other ministry we see. The only difference is that this ministry functions largely outside of a church; however, it is very much a part of the diversity that makes up the global Body of Christ. Read more about defining Kingdom business.