“Do Business Until I Come” Luke 19:13

When the disciples asked Christ how they should pray, He taught them to say to the Father, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matt.6:10). God’s desire is for His kingdom to be established in this earth and for the knowledge of the Lord to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Isaiah 11:9). We are to be His people, working and living as His family with Him at the center of all we do. As His kingdom grows, dedicated businesses that thrive and supply are at the core of spreading it globally. It is important that we all know our place in His plan for the immediate changes in the earth. Even though it is God’s plan and He is executing it, we are still the instruments in His hand. He doesn’t operate apart from moving with you in a relationship. So, in a very real sense God has limited Himself to move only when He has willing people.

This concept has to be fresh and alive to us, because it is too easy to put everything afar off and say that God will take care of it in His own time. If we are in a waiting mode all of the earth could wait another 2,000 years. Our thinking has to change from what has been instilled in the past, which does nothing but cause delays. Delays are rooted in the enemy, as it says in Matt. 24:22 referencing this time we live in, …unless those days had been cut short, no flesh would have been saved alive. But for the sake of God’s elect, those days shall be cut short. This prophecy is about us and you are ‘God’s elect!’ Satan’s plan is simply to delay everything so the earth will destroy itself before God’s people can establish His Kingdom. You can see the destructive forces happening all around. The wrong concept is that God will arrive someday and fix everything. Of course we know Christ is returning and we are very aware of the many promises of God that he will bare His right arm and swiftly bring justice. There will definitely be an outward moving of God, but our focus cannot lie there.

The reason it cannot is that we are the ones that trigger His action, much like the electrical fields from the earth that trigger bolts of lightning from the clouds in a storm. Our focus is to be on what we are intently accomplishing as His servants. The evidence of this is found in Luke 19, where a group of people much like us are gathered around Christ, focused on when His Kingdom would appear. Isn’t that the question we ask God all the time? They were wondering when God was going to show up and perform His Word. But Christ’s answer to that was to tell them a parable about a man who went away to a distant kingdom and left others in charge while he was gone. This man gave them all talents and instructed them to do business with this until I come. They were not to focus on when he was returning from his journey, but rather on doing business until he came.

This state of mind will ignite your drive and determination into one of taking action! He wants you to be doing everything possible, by the Holy Spirit, to occupy this earth and create everything positive you possibly can. This parable was speaking to everyone, but it applies all the more to businesses. Create the economy that is pure and principled. Create a trade that supplies needs for communities and jobs with equality for all. Utilize the talents God gave you to present fruit back to Him just as the parable concludes: some bearing a tenfold increase, some bearing a hundredfold increase! God is looking to you to see what you are doing with what He provided for you. Unfortunately, if you are stuck just waiting for Him in faith, you will become the last example in the parable who declared, See, I saved this for you and here it is back. God wasn’t pleased with the one who essentially buried his talent to preserve it. Don’t merely preserve your faith and cling to it – be taking action to bear fruit! Put your focus on doing business – creating sales, hiring and training people, and giving back with funds out of your tithe. Be the servant that was found in action, not waiting. Make this your new form of faith – that while He is ‘gone,’ you will be exercising your gifts to the maximum. We are to be like a city set on a hill, an example to the world. At the heart of every city is the group of businesses that it functions by, and so God’s entrepreneurs are to be found establishing His Kingdom on earth.